jumia online shopping

Jumia is a popular online shopping website where you can buy a wide range of new items, from electronics and cars to African fashion and baby products.

Founded in 2012, Jumia has become a one-stop online marketplace for people in over 16 African countries buying and selling things online. It is the biggest online shopping site in Africa.

So, how do you buy on Jumia?

Jumia.com has thousands of items listed on its site for purchase. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop and your payment system which may vary based on the country you live in.

If you are in Ghana, MTN Mobile Money or Tigo Cash is enough. In Nigeria, if you have Jumia pay, mcash payment or credit cards you are good to go. You can, however, pay on delivery, which I usually do.

Why go to the store when the store can come to you? Soon you’ll be ready to buy anything you want on the online marketplace with this guide.

So let’s start with how to create a free account.

Create a Jumia account

If you already have a Jumia account, then skip this step. But if you’re new to this platform, then follow the steps below.

Head over to Jumia.com and hover your mouse on “Your Account” section beside the search bar at the top.

You’ll see a drop down asking you to login or sign up if you’re a new customer.

Click on sign up. This will take you to a registration form to create a new account.

jumia account sign up

Fill out the registration form including your name, active email, date of birth, gender, and a good password to prevent hackers from their malicious activities.

Add your shipping address

After creating your basic account, you’ll be taken to your Account Control Panel where you can do further editing of your Jumia Account.

jumia account control panel

You can ship to your home or business. They allow you to use more than one shipping address so you can add multiple addresses as seen in the screenshot above.

Click on ‘Address Book’ link at the top left of the menu.

You can add names and addresses for people other than yourself if you want to ship the package to someone. For example, you may want to ship items to a family or love one in other cities so you can enter that address as well as your own.

Use an accurate address so that Jumia can easily find you. If you know your location is not easily reachable, use the most popular place around or a landmark as your address.

Click ‘Save this Address’ when finished.

Great! You’ve now successfully created a Jumia account for shopping online. One of the most asked questions about this section is;

Can I add multiple accounts?

No. To make sure that your account is always secure on the Jumia.com, multiple email addresses cannot be added. However, you can replace your current email address with a new one anytime from ‘Your Account‘.

Now let’s dive into how to shop on the eCommerce platform.

How to shop or place an order on Jumia

After successfully creating your account, you’re now ready to shop. There are various ways in which you can locate an item you are looking for on this e-commerce site.

You either locate a product by searching, using the search bar or by browsing by categories located at the top left of the website.

Locate the search bar

At the top of the page, you will see a rectangular box. Using your computer mouse, put your cursor into the box.

Using the search bar will narrow your results because you are focusing on keywords.

The search bar is great when you have a specific item in mind. For example, if you want to buy the most recently released Infinix phone, then you can simply type in “Infinix Hot S”.

Scroll through the results and review the product options. If you do not find what you’re looking for, you can limit your results by using the categories listed on the left sidebar. You can also try a different search term.

Browsing by Category

Before the search bar, you will see a list of categories ranging from mobile phones to sport-related items. Searching by category will return more results since it is a broader search feature.

Browsing by category is the best option when you have an idea of what you want but you are not sure of the exact product.

For example, you may want to browse by category if you are looking for a gift for a baby shower or if you are interested in buying a watch but don’t have a brand in mind.

Each category page offers you a selection of subcategories. Hover or click on the small + icons to reveal the subcategories.

Selecting an item

After browsing through carefully and have decided on what you want to buy, click on the item. This will reveal the product’s page so that you can read a description, product details, additional photos of the product and reviews.

Make sure you read through the reviews of a product very well before clicking ‘Add to Cart‘. Product reviews and ratings help you know whether a product is good or not, or if a seller is reliable or not.

I usually look out for the most reviewed or rated product before buying.

At the right sidebar, you’ll see the seller’s name; the number of items sold by this seller, seller score, return policy and number of days of product delivery.

Add to cart / Buy now

Next step is to click on ‘Add to Cart’ which is normally located below the product. Beneath it is ‘Save for Later’ option, which will be added to your cart once you click on it. Click on ‘Cart’ at the right side of the website.

This will take you to a page confirming that the item is in your cart.

jumia add to cart page

At the cart page, you’ll see the product price. You can also adjust the quantity of the item you want to buy.

If you have a Jumia coupon code or a gift card from Sure Gifts, you can enter the code in the voucher code section and click on ‘Use’. This will reduce the total price of the product.

Next, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button. You will get to a page where you’ll confirm your name (or information about the person you are buying for), address, phone number, and where you live. Fill all fields here as they are compulsory.

You have the option of adding a second address and a second phone number. Make sure to use your active phone number(s) and a correct address. Click on ‘Save & Continue’ button to complete your order.

Completing your order

After adding your address, you’ll be taken to a page where you will select a shipping option. Here you can also edit your address, the number of items you want to buy and shipping option. If you select home delivery, you’ll pay some amount (detailed below).

But if you select a pick-up station delivery, you’ll have to select a Jumia Pick-up station near you to claim your order.

Click ‘Save & Continue’. Next, you’ll select a payment option. There are various payment methods available on Jumia.com depending on your country. On Jumia Ghana, the various payment methods are available;

  • MTN Mobile Money,
  • Tigo Cash,
  • Bank Deposit/Transfer.

There are further instructions on how to use any of these options. If you cannot use the options above, you can select the first option which is ‘Cash on Delivery’. After carefully selecting your options, click on ‘Confirm Order’ to finally complete your order. It’s that simple!

How to cancel an order

Having a problem with an order you’ve already placed? Canceling your order on Jumia is very simple.

If you have not already received the email information that your order was shipped, you can simply cancel your order by getting in touch with the Customer Service Call Center.

Note: Jumia processes so many items daily so it is a bit difficult to hand pick one package out of tens of thousands of packages they process daily.

You can simply reject the item on delivery, that is if your order has already been shipped and ignore any email or SMS regarding the delivery/pick-up of the package.

How to track your order

Once you complete your order, Jumia will make you track your order until it gets to you. You can track your order by clicking on ‘Your Account’ at the top-right hand corner of the homepage if you’re logged in.

This will take you to the Account control panel. You can also use the ‘Track Your Order‘ link on the left side of the footer section on the website.

Enter your order number and click ‘Check Now‘ to know the status of your order (Jumia order status). If you do not know your order number, check your order confirmation email.

If tracking information is not yet available for your order, don’t hesitate to check again regularly.

Shipping and delivery

Now that you’re are done buying and tracking your order, it’s time to pick your item(s) from Jumia.

Delivery timetable

The delivery time starts from the day you place your order to the day one of our delivery associates makes the first attempt to deliver to you or when you receive the first SMS to pick up your order from a Jumia pickup station.

For an order with both Jumia Express and non Jumia Express items, the delivery time will be that of the non Jumia Express item.

Business days are from Monday to Friday and do not include weekends or public holidays. For example, a Jumia Express order placed on Monday for Tema will arrive between Wednesday and the next Monday.

The same order placed on Friday would arrive between Tuesday and Friday the following week.

Jumia Express: Jumia Express is a premium delivery service for products fulfilled by Jumia. With Jumia express, you can enjoy faster delivery times.

For cities in Accra, it takes only 2 business days to deliver excluding Tema, Weija, and Kasoa which takes 3 business days whilst other cities outside Accra takes up to 5 business days to deliver.

Business days are from Monday to Friday and do not include weekends or public holidays. For example, a Jumia Express order placed on Monday before 2 PM from Accra will arrive on Tuesday and an order placed on Thursday before 2 PM from Tema will arrive latest on Tuesday the next week.

Jumia Express is not an additional cost for you to bear, only additional advantages for you to enjoy.

Non-Jumia Express: Non-Jumia Express products are products fulfilled by sellers on the Jumia platform. These products are held in stock by the seller, not by Jumia.com. Before they can ship out your order the seller must first ensure the product reaches their warehouse. This is why the timeline is a little longer than Jumia Express.

Jumia Global: This service involves products being shipped from overseas. Jumia now enables you to shop for products from sellers located overseas. Those products will be brought by Jumia to your country and delivered to your doorstep.

When shopping on the site, you will notice that some products are flagged as “Shipped from overseas“. They also have the “Jumia Global Logo” under the product name.

On the product pages, they are flagged on product pages on the top right corner as “Shipped from overseas.” Prices include international shipping and customs.

Jumia pick-up stations

You can pick up your package from any of Jumia pick-up stations nationwide, provided you select a location while placing your order. View more information about Jumia pick-up stations.

Jumia shipping fees

Jumia.com has given the locations special groups (Group A, Group B, and Group C). Your group location, item size, shipping type and payment option all affect your shipping fee.

However, there are certain locations where Jumia does not ship to. Cash on delivery options is currently unavailable for the locations listed.

All you need to do is prepay for the item, select one of these locations and your item is on its way to you. You simply need to use your MTN or Tigo Mobile Money

Delivery Guidelines

This is what Jumia.com says about their delivery.

“If you anticipate you will not be available to receive your order, you may designate someone to receive on your behalf but ensure this person has a valid copy of your ID along with a signed authorization letter or a copy of your order confirmation email.

Make sure you have the exact amount ready for delivery if your payment method is Pay On Delivery.

Large/heavy items may incur a delivery charge, which will be clearly stated at checkout, so no need to worry about extra fees or charges during delivery”.

How to delete your jumia account

According to Jumia’s terms and conditions, they’re not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of, or in connection with, your failure to comply with their terms and conditions.

To simply delete your account, just contact Jumia Customer Service Center at 0700 6000 000 (Nigeria) or the contact us page of Jumia.

During the registration process, you agree to receive promotional emails from the Site. You can subsequently opt out of receiving such promotional e-mails by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe‘ link at the bottom of any promotional email.

How to get Jumia coupon codes for shopping

A coupon code is a voucher redeemed by store or company that entitles you to a discount, refund, or gift, typically issued as a sales promotion. Jumia coupon codes are available online.

You can use these coupon codes to get a reduction on the price of an item you purchase on Jumia online store.

If you use a Jumia voucher code and it doesn’t work, explore other options or move to the next website.

I have covered a more detailed post here on where to get coupon codes and how to redeem them.

Jumia online shopping app

Just like the food app, you can also download and install the online shopping app to buy things and make payments in simple steps. The app is available for Android and IOS devices.

With the app, payment made easy with secure payment options such as cash on delivery, mobile money or pay using your credit card with a secure payment system, Jumia Pay.

As stated earlier, if you are an MTN user, you won’t get charged for data whenever you use the Jumia App. Thus, you can enjoy easier, faster, and best shopping experience using the app.

With the Jumia Shopping App, you get

  • Customized shopping experience with a personalized feed.
  • Buyer protection.
  • Cross-platform shopping, whether on a smartphone, a tablet or even on a desktop, Jumia app will keep all the products in your cart as long as you are logged in to your account.
  • No additional fee for MTN users in 15 countries while using Jumia App.
  • Order management from Jumia call center, they will call you to inform about the status of your order.
  • Complete security for all your credit card and bank transfers for a worry-free shopping experience.
  • Notifications on latest deals, flash sales and coupons (Look out for more than 10 annual sales!).
  • Largest selection of products in Africa, over 2 million items to shop for!
  • International shopping experience from brands like Apple, Canon, HP, Pampers, moulinex, L’Oreal, Samsung, Tefal and many more!

Tips and warning

Check the shipping details before you complete your purchase to make sure that your arrival time fits your schedule. For example, if you are purchasing a birthday gift, check that it is projected to arrive on time.

While Jumia strives to protect its customers, scam sellers may sometimes post on the site. Use Jumia’s seller ratings, product reviews, and your own judgment when making purchases.

Jumia online shopping is fast, easy and secure. Don’t forget to rate and review products (share your experience with a seller or how good or bad a product is) on the website.

This will help other buyers and force sellers to put out good products and good customer experience.