jumia food online order delivery

You can order food online through Jumia Food services. Jumia Food services are available in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries.

So wherever you are, you can easily order food from the best restaurants in your country and have delivered at your preferred location.

Jumia food is a convenient online food ordering website that connects users with thousands of local restaurants. Customers can browse through numerous menus and place orders for delivery or take-away at the best price.

At Jumia food, ordering food online is fuss-free, fast and definitely fun. With just a few clicks you can order from a wide variety of delicious cuisines online.

Jumia food provides you with restaurant menus, customer reviews and more for over 100 restaurants spread over 40 countries.

In this post, I’ll show you how to create account and order food online through Jumia Food (Formally Hello Food), where to get Jumia food voucher codes and more about Jumia party. No matter which country you are, this tutorial should help you.

Create your Jumia Food Account

Before you order food online, you need to create an account for Jumia Food. This is different from your main Jumia Online Shopping account or other Jumia services accounts.

However, creating a Jumia Food account is not mandatory. You can order using Jumia Food guest checkout without having to sign up. After placing your order, you will have the option of creating an account.

jumia food account sign up

There are two options here in creating your account,

  • Sign up with your Facebook Account.
  • Sign up with your email (Recommended).

If you use option 2, please enter your active phone number and active email. This is because Jumia Food will send you SMS Verification Code your phone number you entered. Check your inbox and enter the code.

If you do not receive the SMS, use the ‘Verify me via call‘ option below to verify your account.

jumia food account verification via number

Jumia Food service will immediately call you. Answer the call, listen well and follow the instructions. It’s so easy!

I’ll not go into further details on how to create an account in this post. Just follow the simple instructions and create your free account.

What are the advantages of an account at Jumia food?

As noted earlier, you are not obliged to create an account, but it is very handy.

There are definitely a few advantages of signing up:

1. Your previous delivery addresses will be saved so that you don’t have to enter them all over again on your next order.

2. You can track previous orders.

3. You can quickly make re-orders.

Discover local restaurants

selecting local restaurants on jumia foodAfter you login into your account, you’ll want to order your food. Start by searching for restaurants near you. In the first box, enter the city you’re currently living in.

The second box, select your specific location. Next, click on ‘Show restaurants‘ to reveal the restaurants near you.

Order Food Online From the Best Restaurants in Ghana

Scroll through keeping an eye on reviews/ratings and select your favorite restaurant you’ll want to order from.

On the left sidebar, you’ll see options that allow you to filter restaurants and cuisines.

After selecting your restaurant, the next step is to select your food. Here, you’ll see different menu options to select.

order information on jumia food

You can either scroll through or simply use the ‘Menu‘ option on the left side to reveal the various meal options.

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selecting your meal on jumia foodThe various prices are listed along. After settling on one, click on the + icon to show your order, total amount you’ll pay including delivery fee. Click on ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT

Complete your order

On the next page, you’ll review and complete your order. You have the option to increase the number of food you want to order. If you have a voucher code (more details below), enter it into the box provided.

At the ‘Order information‘ side, select the time you want your food delivered. You can also add a message to the order the input box provided. Click on ‘Checkout‘.

Select your food

This is the final process in ordering your food online via Jumia Food. Here, you’ll see your name and contact details. Next, enter your delivery address…it should be accurate.

To ensure a more accurate address, click on ‘Delivery instructions‘ or ‘Add more delivery details‘ to add more information about your location and order.

The next step is the ‘Choose how to pay‘ section. Here, you have two options in which you can pay;

  • Pay now
  • Pay on delivery

paying for order on jumia foodChoosing pay now option reveals 3 options. The payment options on Jumia Food may vary from country to country. Choose the one that suits you.

Review your order and total amount on the right side to ensure everything is accurate. Click on ‘Place order now’ to complete your order.

Whet your appetite, wait for an hour and your ordered food will be delivered right in front of you.

That is how easy it is to order food online using Jumia Food services. You can download their app on Google Play Store.

How to cancel or change an order

Incase you’ve changed your mind don’t panic, just give Jumia food a call as soon as possible. They will let the restaurant know before it starts preparing your order.

With regards to any refund of a payment you have made online, make sure you contact jumia food and not the restaurant.

How long does it take for your order to get delivered?

Delivery time varies from restaurant to restaurant, as you can see in this post. It also depends on the number of orders that the restaurant has to prepare and on the distance between the restaurant and your delivery address.

You can see the estimated delivery time for each restaurant in your area on the website or the food app.

After placing an order, a more precise delivery time will be communicated to you by SMS.

5 reasons why ordering online is better than ordering by phone

how to order food online using jumia foodOnline ordering at jumia food provides several advantages over telephone ordering.

1. Discover: The platform offers a huge choice of restaurants, and have their menus online so you don’t have to collect menus for individual restaurants or stick to just one of them.

Every day you can discover new restaurants and new tastes.

2. Take your time: You have as much time as you need to decide what to eat today, instead of listening to someone read out the entire menu to you and making a decision on the spot.

3. Know what you’re getting: Jumia food help you make the right choice by providing customer reviews and ratings.

4. Convenient payment: If you order at jumia food, you’re not limited to paying by cash on delivery. You can easily and safely pay online using MTN Mobile money or Tigo Cash or the payment method available in your country.

You can check which payment methods are accepted at each restaurant by going to the ‘Info’ tab on the restaurant’s page.

All our restaurants however accept cash on delivery. Select ‘Cash on Delivery’ on the checkout page and pay the driver at your doorstep when you receive your order.

5. You can view details of all your past orders and easily re-order.

Jumia voucher code. How to use it

If you have a voucher code, you can redeem it after selecting a restaurant and adding items to your basket. You will see a field to enter your voucher code on the order overview page.

If the voucher is valid, the discount on your order will be calculated immediately. Only one voucher can be used per order.

If your voucher code does not work, feel free to contact us and we’ll take a look.

Here is a list of websites where you can get Jumia coupon codes for online shopping.

Jumia Party

Planning a party can be grueling and time-consuming, especially when one has to do everything alone.

Going from one part of the town to another to get the food and the drinks could be very discouraging.

This is where JUMIA PARTY comes in.

Just like you can order your food online on Jumia Food (for your small to large scale events), Jumia Party is designed to deliver every kind of alcoholic drinks for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, wedding parties and even your fun Truth or Dare games with friends.

The ultimate goal of Jumia Party is to save you money while ordering for Alcoholic drinks online. Why go to the mall when you can just turn on your computer and shop everything you need, at the best prices ever.

Jumia Party provide you with a large variety of options so that you and your friends do not have to settle for low-quality options.

The following drinks are currently in stock: Cognac, Wine, Champagne, Vodka, Tequila, and Rum, Beer, Whiskey and even cocktail drinks – and there’s more.

Jumia Party’s assortment of drinks cater to various alcohol tolerance levels (so there’s something for the social drinker, the inebriated loner and the lightweights).

Whether your favorite brand is Hennessy, Jameson, Ciroc, Chivas Regal or Absolut, you can find them at amazing prices on Jumia Party.

While ordering from your best restaurant on Jumia Food, you can easily get the perfect drink you need to complete your glorious meal on Jumia Party.

Now you can combine your food order on Jumia Food with your drink order on Jumia Party.

With Jumia Party you never have to be stranded late at night without alcohol to keep the party going – with their night-time delivery service, you can be assured to have your drinks delivered to you any time of the day.

Jumia food contacts

If you’re in doubt of anything, feel free to contact Jumia Food via the following;

Jumia food Ghana

Live chat

Tel: 0302740650 / 0302740651

Email: service.food.gh@jumia.com

Jumia food Nigeria

Live chat

Tel: 01 631 1701 / 01 466 7460

Email: service.food@jumia.com.ng

Jumia food Kenya

Live chat

Tel: 0709 768 000

Email: service.food@jumia.co.ke