Jumia Market Features

Jumia is a popular online platform we all love shopping on. It has certain features that make our shopping experience better.

From security, choosing the best product to payment, Jumia market has got interesting features to select and shop the best products.


One of the main reasons shoppers like you and I research products online is to look at ratings and reviews from others, as the opinions of other buyers are highly trusted.

Reviews make you want to buy the product or not.

product reviews
Screenshot of a product review on Jumia Market

Whether the product is good, bad, durable or not, you can find them in the review section to make your decision before you buy a product.

This feature is available on Jumia Nigeria (most product pages) but not on jumia.com.gh (only ratings) and some other Jumia markets.

Free return policy

Jumia Vendors provide return rates and conditions of return on their products. This helps shoppers to be more comfortable when buying a product.

Jumia offers free returns within 7 days, a feature that makes Jumia unique.

Jumia deals of the day

Jumia’s best deals for products are found in the deals of the day at the left sidebar of the site (Jumia Nigeria and Jumia Kenya) and the right side on Jumia Ghana.

jumia deals of the dayYou can also locate deals of the day at the top left sidebar (menu). It is usually the second link on the menu.

The section has the Deals of the Day, where you can filter products with the best ratings, lowest price, highest price, popular products or new products.

There isn’t always a lot of notice, but if you use the Jumia Online Shopping app on your phone, you can go to the menu, scroll down and select “Deals of the Day” to see the deals on the go.


Want more discount when you shop on Jumia Nigeria? Simply register and use JumiaPay for your payments.

jumiapay for online shopping

Jumia will give you an extra 5% discount when you pay with JumiaPay. The payment platform is simple to use and also come with other perks.

I have written a tutorial on how to register and use JumiaPay for shopping on Jumia.com.ng.

Vouchers of the day

We all love to shop with discount codes and vouchers.

jumia vouchers of the dayJumia knows what customers love online, so they have introduced a “vouchers of the day” feature at the right sidebar of the homepage.

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I have seen this feature to be available on only Jumia.com.ng. Clicking on the link reveals a page where you can browse through and shop selected products with vouchers or discount codes.


When it comes to electronics, warranty is very important.

jumia phone warrantyEveryone wants to buy a product that comes with a warranty.


Products can have problems either upon purchase or after a certain amount of time. Defects sometimes are not apparent until you are using the product.

A warranty is therefore a sign that the manufacturer or vendor has confidence in its products and that will last longer.

On Jumia, there is a warranty on almost all products that help shoppers like you and I make a decision on buying a product.

Number of daily views and purchases

Jumia recently introduced this feature to help buyers know the number of times a product you’re viewing is bought the previous day and the number of people viewing the particular product etc.

number of views on a jumia productThis helps create trust around a product. Once many people are viewing and buying, then it means its a genuine product.

Size guide

Shopping fashion items online is difficult sometimes due to our different body sizes. Small, medium, and large: These sizes can vary widely when it comes to actual fit, and that can be a significant challenge to many fashion vendors and shoppers online.

When shopping for fashion items, you need to feel confident that you’re going to be purchasing the right size items for the first time.

Thus, Jumia has made it easy by “men’s size guide” and “women’s size guide” feature usually at the bottom of every fashion product.

All Jumia fashion items are in UK measurements. If you already know US measurement but know little about that of UK, know that size 10 in the UK equates to a size 6 in the US and differs again when it comes to European sizing.

Jumia Bot

In October 2017, Jumia introduced a bot, said to be the first e-commerce shopping robot in Nigeria to help you better your shopping experience.

The Bot works by asking customers what they’re looking for and then using their answers to uncover the best offers.

For example, to get access to the best hotel and airfare deals on Facebook Messenger, you can simply provide your preferred date and destination to the bot in order to see the top recommendations.

Jumia Bot is hosted on Facebook messenger and powered by Facebook’s artificial intelligence.

Bestseller brands

best seller brands on jumia nigeria

Just like Amazon bestseller feature, Jumia market also has this feature which includes bestseller brands, trending now features.

Bestseller brands help you know which products sell or which brands are trusted the most on Jumia.

Seller score

jumia seller rating, seller scoreAside from product reviews which was discussed earlier, there is another way to trust or rate a vendor or seller.

The rating is done by Jumia based on the seller’s behavior or activities in the store.

This is called Jumia seller score. The seller score is located at the right sidebar of the product page. The score is over 5.

When you hover your mouse over the score, it will reveal more details of the seller rating;

  • Fulfillment rate
  • Product quality
  • Shipping speed

You’ll also see the number of years the vendor has been selling on Jumia. Below the seller score also reveals the number of items sold by the vendor so far.

All these features are on jumia market to help you make a good decision when shopping.