4 ways to make money online with jumia

One thing I love about the internet is you can set up a business from the comfort of your home. In this post, I’ll show you 4 smart ways you can make money online using the Jumia platform.

Jumia marketplace is full of opportunities…from selling your own products, to affiliate marketing, there are a lot of undiscovered ways you can take advantage of and make money from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re student, working or jobless, this post is for you. All you need is a computer or phone with a good internet connection, determination, and patience to make money.

Become a Jumia Vendor

As a sales merchant or vendor, if you are having your own products and services you can easily sell them on Jumia.

how to sell on jumia 2018Jumia Ghana, Nigeria or Kenya will allow you to list your products for sale as long as you are a business selling and you want to sell more of your products online.

You be selling genuine products with warranties and they must be sealed. To get started, you will need to go to the Jumia Seller registration page and sign up.

Also, you will need to prepare yourself with business registration documents and bank account details as well as read through the seller agreement since it’s the contract between you and Jumia.

After signing up, you will be able to upload your own products to sell on Jumia.

What’s in for you as a Sales Merchant?

It’s time to sell more, to sell better to sell everywhere. You just need little time to start selling on Jumia:

  1.  You subscribe online and the Jumia team contacts you in order to meet you.
  2.  You follow a personalized schooling to access and manage the web interface dedicated to the sellers: the Seller Center.
  3.  You register and download all the references that you wish to sell on Jumia: your products will be put online.
  4.  You follow your order every day in the Seller Center and provide the articles to the Jumia deliverers.
  5.  Jumia credits you the amount due every month after deduction of the charges and commissions.

How to register

Sign up or register in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Fill the registration form. Submit the required documents – Business registration and bank account details. Don’t forget to read and accept Jumia Seller Agreement.

Step 2: Complete the dedicated training session for new sellers and become an e-commerce expert in minutes. Activate your Jumia Seller Center account to manage your shop on the go.

Step 3: List more than five Products and start selling. Simple!

Sign up and be on your way to becoming a Jumia millionaire.

Advantages of selling on Jumia

Increased sales: Jumia has a high number of daily visitors as they spend a lot on online marketing. Jumia is the number 1 online shopping site in Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana.

The Jumia app is downloaded and used by over 10 million people all over Africa. That’s a huge market to take advantage of.

Acquire new customers: One advantage of selling online is reaching wider customers. Most times as in the case of Jumia, nobody goes looking for your shop on a marketplace.

They might be looking for your products and then stumble upon you. You can win new customers by excellent service and fulfillment.

No Limitation: Jumia allows you to list and sell as many products you want with no limits. No worries about site maintenance.

Brand trust: Jumia has been around for a long time in so many countries in Africa. It’s a brand that is trusted by many people.

You can also sign up for Jumia affiliate program to earn more money on your products you sell. This brings us to our second way of making money on Jumia.

Become an Affiliate Partner

Just like Amazon associates program JVZoo and other big brands offer affiliate partner programs, Jumia also offers this same program as well. But first, let’s look at what affiliate partner means.

What does affiliate partner mean?

According to Entrepreneur.com, it is a way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission.

jumia affiliate marketing program

There are two ways to approach affiliate marketing: You can offer an affiliate program to others or you can sign up to be another business’s affiliate.

So, in this case, we have to sign up to be Jumia’s affiliate.

How does it work?

As a Jumia affiliate, you promote Jumia products and earn a commission with every order placed.

Simply, all you need to do is;

  1.  Join affiliate
  2.  Find product
  3.  Promote product
  4.  Track sales
  5.  Earn commissions.

As you promote the products of Jumia Kenya you get a commission on every successful order made within 30 days after a click on your affiliate link.

You can make money online successfully with this if you own a website, blog or just any useful social media account (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ etc).

First, you need to sign up for the affiliate program, find products you know people really want or the products you know the readers will want or the product your social media networks need.

Promote the products thoroughly and get people to buy from you. Track your sales and earn commissions. You can also use the appropriate banners from the Jumia marketplace advertising media via your affiliate account.

Choose the banners that are according to your target audience from the various product banners.

Choose your banner according to your target Text Links Adapt it to your content and make your visitors click!!! Example: Buy latest mobile phones on Jumia Nigeria!

Product Feed: Drive more sales by using detailed product information.

The good thing is that you can be upgraded to a premium affiliate and earn more. That depends on Jumia and how good you are with bringing sales.


  • Commission up to 12% – You get a commission if the customer purchases within 30 days of clicking your link.
  • Payment via local bank transfer Premium commission possible.
  • Full support from at any time.
  • Regular promotions – More money for you – Keep an easy overview of your payments through Quality Click interface.

Jumia offers high commissions. Here is how the commission structure looks like;

CategoriesCommission (%)
Games & Consoles4%
Mobiles & Tablets 5%
TVs, Audio & Video5%
Automotive & Motorcycles6%
Cameras & Accessories6%
Home & Living7%
Kids & Babies7%
Health & Beauty10%
Sports & Fitness10%
Books & Stationary10%

For a more detailed guide on Jumia affiliate program, read this article written by Ifiokobong Ibanga.

Become a sales consultant (JForce)

How does it work?

To become a sales consultant with Jumia, you need to register, once accepted you will be working as a sales consultant for Jumia without fully committing yourself to them, then start selling Jumia products and make money doing so.

jumia jForce sales consultant

So what’s in for you as a Sales Consultant?

You earn money: You make commissions selling items supplied by Jumia. Your efforts are rewarded i.e the more you work, the more you earn! You also earn money for each new sales consultant you recruit!

You’re your own boss: As an independent sales consultant, you have complete freedom and control over your actions. Build your own successful business.

You have fun: Sell and get rewarded for it. Many sales consultants have been rewarded for their work.

Gain new skills and develop your self-confidence: You get to meet new people make new friends on your JForce journey. Attend social events (awards, breakfasts, outings…)

You get trained: You progressively move up the internal scale and get higher commissions. As part of the JForce team, you will be provided with excellent knowledge and skills. As they make sure that you become a fully empowered businessman and businesswoman.

Get free access to training and gain knowledge on your job! You don’t need any previous experience, only a strong motivation, and enthusiasm.

Still, don’t believe huh?

This video below shows people who are already making huge cash from being a Jumia sales consultant.

Become a Jumia Vendor Service Provider

Ever heard of Fiverr, Toptal, Elance, Freelancer, Craigslist, Guru, SEO Clerks or Upwork? These are big freelance websites, where a self-employed person (a freelancer) offers services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time.

Become a Jumia Vendor Service ProviderJumia Vendor Services is an interactive web-based Marketplace Production platform that connects Service Providers with Vendors who are or would like to sell their goods online through Jumia eCommerce.

Jumia Studio and Content Services platform is for vendors to meet service providers (freelancers). All services ranging from studio, content, modeling, digital marketing, Jumia products SEO, graphics design, makeup services to product upload services.

This is a new program introduced by Jumia and is only available in Nigeria and Kenya. So those in Nigeria and Kenya can make use of it. If it becomes successful, I’m sure Jumia will expand it to other marketplaces in the various African countries.

Jumia is very strict when it comes to quality of products, images or content on their various marketplaces. That’s why they came out with this program to make vendors easily find skillful graphic designers among others, for their products.

If you’re skillful in any of the above-listed services or you’re already a freelancer residing in Nigeria or Kenya, then this is a big opportunity to make money online with Jumia.

All you need is a computer with a good internet connection. Sign up and become an establish Jumia vendor service provider before the place becomes choked.

Freelancing is a fast and affordable way to get started working as your own boss from home.

Here are the links to the platforms;

Jumia Nigeria Production Services

Jumia Kenya Production Services

Sign up, and start earning some cool cash.